Head-to-Head Comparison of the Best Multi cookers in Malaysia

Multi cookers have become a godsend for every homemaker. This multipurpose kitchen appliance enables them to go about all sorts of cooking in the same pot with efficiency and ease— be it sautéing, broiling, simmering, steaming, or grilling. Those multipurpose pots can also be used as pressure cookers. Since many of them also feature temperature control and timer, they are perfect for automated cooking as well.

Despite offering such efficiency and convenience, many users don’t bring a Multi cooker home for two major reasons. Firstly, they can’t find a quality Multi cooker that they can buy without breaking their bank. Secondly, they get spoiled for choices with too many options available in the market. 

If you face either of these conundrums and couldn’t find a good Multi cooker in Malaysia, keep reading this article. Here, we will provide you with the head-to-head comparison of two of the best multi function cookers in Malaysia: Khind Multi cooker and Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker.

While Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker has a slight edge over Khind Multi cooker, you should have complete head-to-head knowledge about them to make the buying decision in line with your requirements.

Without any further delay, let’s start our comparative review of two of the best Multi cookers in Malaysia right now.

Khind Multi cooker vs. Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker

Khind is a leading Malaysian producer and marketer of home consumer appliances and industrial equipment. From home improvement to kitchenware and cooling and heating, Khind offers every type of electrical appliance to home consumers. Khind has now also started making Multi cookers and its MC12S model strikers a perfect balance between price and quality. 

For comparison’s sake, we’ll consider Butterfly 812S Multifunction Mini Cooker. It is produced and marketed by an Indian brand Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd. The company is a leading home appliance maker in India and also exports its products to other parts of the world, including Malaysia. Butterfly’s products are known for quality, durability, and good price, and the same is the case with its 812S Multifunction Mini Cooker.

SpecsKhind Multi cooker Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker
Power600 watts600 watts
Voltage220-230 volts220-230 volts 
Capacity1.2 liters1.2 liters 
Warranty1 year 1 year

Khind Multi cooker: Pros & Cons


  • Great for both steaming and dry-heat cooking
  • Features a long tangle-free power cord
  • Comes with a food-grade bowl
  • Great value for money


  • Not sufficient safety features
  • Some warranty details are missing

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Pros & Cons


  • Boasts well-thought-out safety features
  • One of the most economical Multi cookers on the block
  • Comes with a detailed warranty
  • Easy to handle


  • Not suitable for large families

Khind Multi cooker vs. Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Features Faceoff

The section above has given you a quick snapshot of both these multifunction cookers. However, if you want to get in-depth information about them, continue reading. Here, we will discuss both Khind and Buttery multi purpose cookers while comparing them feature to feature.


The Butterfly Mini Cooker with space-efficient footprint. Source: AlatDapur
The Butterfly Mini Cooker with space-efficient footprint. Source: AlatDapur

Multi cookers are modern cookware. Therefore, their designs are also different from traditional cookers. Unlike conventional cookers with a sprawling footprint, Multi cookers have a clean and space-efficient design that doesn’t occupy too much space on the countertop.

Both Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers fulfill this attribute of a contemporary multi purpose electric cooker. They have a compact footprint and sleek design. 

Khind Multi cooker: When you put together all the components of a Khind Multi cooker, it looks like a large electric kettle with an extended removable top. This cooker’s internal space is perfectly round. Moreover, its top edges can accommodate a steamer that comes free with it.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: At the first glance, you can’t tell if it is either a Khind Multi cooker or Butterfly mini-cooker. The latter also has the shape of an electric kettle and boasts the same size. Moreover, its color scheme is also similar to the Khind cooker, i.e., silver body and black base unit and handle. Besides their logos, the only thing that makes them stand apart is their handles. Khind Multi cooker has a slightly U-shaped handle with pointed edges. Meanwhile, the Butterfly mini cooker boasts a one-piece curved handle.

Verdict: We think it is a tie between Khind and Butterfly in this round because both of them have more or less the same design. Even though their handles are different, they are made of the same material and boast the same ergonomics. 


Size and capacity are some of the top few features buyers look at when they are searching for a cooker. While conventional cookers are available in all sizes and capacities, consumers still get limited options when it comes to Multi cookers. For instance, you won’t easily find a large Multi cooker that can take care of the food preparation of a large family. 

The two Multi cookers we are reviewing here also have small capacities as compared to regular cookers.

Khind Multi cooker: Khind Multi cooker has the capacity of 1.2 liters. If you don’t have to cook for a large family, this multi purpose cooker can do the job. It can easily prepare food for 2-3 people in one go. Even if you have a large family, you can use the Khind Multi cooker to prepare an item that needs instant cooking.  

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly has branded its multifunction cooker as a mini cooker because of its capacity. It also offers the same cooking volume as the Khind cooker, i.e., 1.2 liters. If you are preparing food for a small family or preparing anything in small quantity, Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker will come in handy.

Verdict: We can’t pick any winner here because both Khind and Butter Multi cookers boast the same volume. 


Both Multi cookers are made of top-quality stainless steel. Source: Metalscut4u
Both Multi cookers are made of top-quality stainless steel. Source: Metalscut4u

The materials used in the manufacturing of a cooker play an integral role in determining its durability. An electric cooker made of poor materials can’t be last long no matter how impressive its features and cooking functions are. Since we are reviewing two of the best Multi cookers in Malaysia, they are made of top-quality materials.

Khind Multi cooker: This Khind Multi cooker is primarily made of SUS304 stainless steel. Its body and steamer boast this top-quality construction. Experts consider SUS304 stainless steel as the best material for the construction of kitchen appliances for various reasons. First, it has a highly heat-resistant grading. No matter how much cooking you do in your Khind Multi cooker, it won’t warp or deform at any temperature. It also boasts great corrosion resistance. You can keep using your Khind Multi cooker without worrying that it will add any corrosive impurities to your food. 

Moreover, the handle of the cooker is made of polymer/Bakelite, giving it a cool-touch surface. No matter how high is the cooking temperature, you can hold and move the Khind Multi cooker from its handle without needing a cloth napkin. 

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly has also used stainless steel in the making of its multifunction mini cooker. However, it hasn’t disclosed the type of steel variant (e.g. 304, 430, etc) used in the cooker. By looking at the cooking results and consumer reviews, we can assume that Butterfly also uses SUS304 in its handle. The handle of the Butterfly multifunction mini cooker is also made of a lightweight polymer/Bakelite insulator. 

Verdict: It has been a tough round with a neck-and-neck competition between Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers. However, when made to pick a winner, we’ll pick Khind Multi cooker. We think Khind wins this round with a narrow margin because it states the type of stainless steel it uses in the manufacturing of its Multi cooker. This clearer, direct piece of information helps people in making their buying decisions.


As mentioned earlier, the high price of Multi cookers is one of the deal-breakers for many consumers. They don’t want to pay hundreds or thousands of ringgits for a cooking pot. Khind and Butterfly have taken care of this aspect in making their Multi cookers. They are easy on the pocket and can easily be listed with the best cheap pressure cookers available in the market.

Khind Multi cooker: Apart from its durability and functionality, we also consider this Khind product the best multifunction cooker in Malaysia due to its extremely reasonable price. It boasts a two-digit price tag and comes cheap than the majority of electronic appliances for the kitchen.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: The Butterfly mini cooker also follows in the footsteps of the Khind Multi cooker. This is also one of the few (might just be one of the two) top-quality Multi cookers available under 100 ringgits. In comparison, Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker is even cheaper than Khind Multi cooker.

Verdict: Both Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers are winners when we compare them to the prices of regular Multi cookers available in the market. But in a head-to-head comparison, Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker wins this round, because it is few ringgits cheaper than Khind Multi cooker.

Operation Modes/Features

Both Multi cookers boast no-frill construction with minimum operational modes. Source: YouTube
Both Multi cookers boast no-frill construction with minimum operational modes. Source: YouTube

Since they are called Multi cookers, you can’t expect them to have a single function. However, we need to mention here that many brands stuff their Multi cookers with too many options. Offering too many features and operational modes might sound exciting at first. However, it doesn’t work in the long run. Too many features increase the price of a Multi cooker. 

Moreover, many features and operational modes mean more room for faults to prop up. Also, users find operating a Multi cooker that has too many features difficult.

Khind and Butterfly have made sure that users don’t get confused in using their Multi cookers. Their models are no-frill Multi cookers with simple control panels that still offer multiple cooking options.

Khind Multi cooker: Khind Multi cooker has a built-in adjustable thermostat with a light indicator. The thermostat is a simple round knob that you can adjust on “heating” and “boiling.” If you know how to simmer, sauté, broil, steam, and poach, you can easily do that by using the two operational modes of Khind Multi cooker.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly also has a thermostat knob with an LED indicator. Like Khind Multi cooker, you can use Butterfly mini cooker for regular broiling, boiling, sautéing, poaching, and steaming. However, it doesn’t have the heating and boiling markings. Instead, you get off, 70C, 100C, and max markings. This labeling is better in the sense that you can do all sorts of cooking with temperature precision. 

Verdict: Both Khind and Butterfly cookers are simple multifunctional cookers that you can use for different cooking methods without needing to fiddle with any complex control panel. Even though both have the same thermostatic knobs, Butterfly Mini Cooker has an edge over Khind Multi cooker, because it offers temperature precision.


The warranty of a product is a yardstick to determine how durable that particular product could be. For instance, a product with a 1-year warranty is more likely to last longer than another product with only a 6-month warranty. Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers are also the best of the lot because they come with authentic manufacturers’ warranties.

Khind Multi cooker: Khind offers a 1-year warranty on its Multi cooker. This warranty is on all parts and you can claim it at any Khind service center in Malaysia. Khind also offers consumers to get an e-warranty on their Multi cooker by registering on its website. With an e-warranty, you don’t need to worry if you have lost your warranty card. As long as you have an e-warranty, you can claim the warranty on your Multi cooker easily.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly also offers a 1-year warranty on its Multi cooker. However, it comes with multiple terms and conditions. For instance, the cooker’s hot plate only has a 6-month warranty with any manufacturer defect. Similarly, accessories are not covered under the full product warranty.

Verdict: Even though both brands say that they offer a 1-year warranty on their Multi cookers, the above discussion makes it clear that Khind’s warranty is better than Butterfly’s. Apart from a full 1-year warranty on all parts including the hot plate, you also get an e-warranty from Khind. 

Note: Consumable parts are not part of either of the warranties. Similarly, any self-tempering and misuse by the consumer won’t be covered by the warranty either.


Butterfly mini-cooker has better safety features than Khind Multi cooker. Source: ProductNation
Butterfly mini-cooker has better safety features than Khind Multi cooker. Source: ProductNation

For many buyers, the safety measures of a cooker matter a lot. They are willing to spend more or compromise on some operations if a Multi cooker boasts good safety features. Khind and Butterfly haven’t made safety features a selling point of their Multi cookers. However, they haven’t ignored them either. You can find a good number of safety features in both these multi purpose cookers.

Khind Multi cooker: Khind Multi cooker comes with a sturdy handle that is completely non-conductive. You can lift and put your Khind Multi cooker even when it is in working mode without risking any burn hazards— thanks to its handle. Moreover, Khind has kept the power cord of its Multi cooker at the right length. It is neither long enough to cause trips and falls and nor small enough to not reach the nearby power outlet.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly also has a nonslip and non-conductive handle. However, it has some additional safety features as well. For instance, it boasts triple security protection that ensures that users remain protected from any hazard and machine remains protected from any malfunction. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that makes sure you don’t overcook your food and damage the heating plate of your cooker with excessive heat.

Verdict: With its triple security protection and auto-shutoff, Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker is a clear winner of this round.

Easiness to Clean 

A cooker should be easy to clean. However, we all know that how challenging is to clean a nonstick cooker after an extensive session of cooking. Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they are not like other modern nonstick cookware where cleaning is always a breeze.  Nonetheless, there is a way to use those stainless steel Multi cookers as nonstick cookware.

Khind Multi cooker: Khind Multi cooker is stainless steel cookware. Cleaning it is as not as hard as other metallic cookware. If you use an adequate amount of oil in the cooker and don’t let it overheat things, you can keep its bottom nonstick. 

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker: Butterfly Multi function Cooker also has the same construction as Khind Multi cooker. Therefore, here too, you need to show diligence in the cooking to keep it nonstick. 

Verdict: Both Multi cookers are made of stainless steel and have plain lining and bottom without any grooves and cervices. Therefore, we consider them easy to clean as compared to traditional cookers.

Standout Features

Before we wrap this comparative review, we would like to shed light on some of the standout features of these two Multi cookers. These amazing features will further inform the readers as to why these cookware items are as good as any best electric pressure cooker on the block.

Khind Multi cooker

The Khind cooker with its assortment of accessories.
The Khind cooker with its assortment of accessories. 

Valuable Accessories: Khind Multi-Color stands out among competitors with its assortment of accessories. Despite being a budget Multi cooker, it comes with various valuable things that can further improve your cooking experience. For instance, you get a steam tray and rack for your all steamed food preparations. You also get a stainless steel stand and a food-grade bowl that you can use to prepare food in dry heat.

A Long Power Cord: Khind has used the perfect length for the power cord of this Multi cooker, i.e., 1 meter. It is neither too long to get tangled on the floor and cause trips and falls, nor too small where you have to change your cooking position to plug it in the power outlet.

Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker

360-Degree Rotation Base: It is the leading standout feature of the Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker. You won’t find it in any other Multi cooker lying on the same price point or even above. This rotational construction makes the handling of the cooker easy when it is heating and loaded with ingredients.

Triple Security Protection: Butterfly hasn’t disclosed the details of its triple security protection. However, the available information suggests that this layered safety feature keeps both the appliance and user safe from any adverse event (burns, electrocution, machine malfunctioning, etc).

Auto-Shutoff: Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker automatically shuts down when it reaches the set temperature. This feature ensures that users don’t mess up their food preparation or damage their cooker even if they fail to switch it off manually.


We hope that this comparative overview helps you pick the multi purpose cooker that fulfills your requirements and come within your budget. We think that both Khind and Butterfly Multi cookers are best in different capacities. 

Use a Khind Multi cooker if:

  • You want to do for steaming, boiling water, cooking noodles, steamboat in a small quantity 
  • You want to prepare something on dry heat (like a roast)
  • You want to get covered through an e-warranty

Check out Khind Multi cooker here.

Use a Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker if: 

  • You want coverage of a 1-year for all products and 6 months for the hot plate with a manufacturer’s defect.
  • You want a triple security protection
  • You want the cheapest yet top-quality Multi cooker on the block

Check out Butterfly Multifunction Mini Cooker here.

Common FAQs before Buying an Electric Pressure Cooker

What is the advantage of a Multi cooker

A Multi cooker makes it easy for you to execute any cooking method in an extremely efficient manner. Whether it’s broiling, sautéing, or pressure cooking, you can put a top-quality Multi cooker to use. The other advantage of a Multi cooker is you don’t need a stovetop to use it because it is a standalone electronic appliance.

Which brand of Multi cooker is the best?

We can’t declare one particular brand being the best Multi cooker maker. As you can see in the above discussion, both Khind and Butterfly make top-quality Multi cookers that stand out for different reasons. You can also find other brands making some top-of-the-line Multi cookers on the block.

Which Multi cooker is best for me?

Well, it depends on what are your cooking requirements and what you are preparing at the moment. For instance, if you need to prepare meals at a quick turnaround, go with a Multi cooker that offers pressure cooking. If you have to make a lot of steamed food, opt for Multi cookers that come with steamers.

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