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Electric stand mixers have become indispensable in any modern kitchen. In the past, cooks had to stir and mix ingredients by hand. They’d toil until their hands ached.

These days you don’t have to break a sweat to whisk egg whites, mix cream or even knead the dough for your bread loaves when an electric food mixer can perform all of these tasks efficiently and will even do a better job.

Of course, the tough part of the job is choosing the right mixer for your needs because there are lots of options to choose from. In this article, we review the 5 best mixer Malaysia appliances starting at RM49.90! 

Type of Mixers To Buy In Malaysia

Stand Mixer

5 Best Stand Mixer Reviews 2020 - Top Rated Electric Stand Mixers

A stand mixer features a motorized base and a head on which the batter attachments are fixed. Normally, there is also a stainless steel mixing bowl beneath the beaters in which the ingredients are fixed. A stand mixer is typically larger and bulkier than a hand mixer. 

The best stand mixers in Malaysia can greatly reduce effort when it comes to baking multiple batches of pastries or breads. You’ll feel that it’s less straining to use a premium stand mixer compared to a hand mixer that you would need to keep perpetually elevated.

The dough hook attachment is ideal for mixing bread dough and other stainless steel attachments (like a stainless steel wire whisk) can be used for beating eggs or whipping cream.

Of course, not everyone can afford a heavy duty stand mixer like the Kitchenaid stand mixer. However, you’ll find that other stand mixers can do the job just fine as long as you select from a range of powerful stand mixers.

Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Hand Mixer with Storage Case | Williams Sonoma

A hand mixer is a hand-held appliance with a lightweight housing on which the beaters are mounted. It has a motor and the mixer is held with its handle over a bowl to mix the content in the bowl. 

A hand mixer is commonly used in low-effort mixing work and may not come with its own mixing bowl. Although not ideal for heavy duty mixing, hand food mixers still can get the job done.

Food Mixer

A food mixer is a kitchen appliance that makes cooking (especially baking) a lot easier. It takes the stress out of cooking processes like whisking eggs, mixing the batter, mixing bread dough, and other ingredients that you’d have otherwise had to do manually. 

Electric Mixer

As the name implies, an electric mixer is an electricity-powered appliance that is designed to automate the tasks of whisking, beating, stirring, and mixing ingredients. 

Kitchen Mixer

Kitchen mixers are used to stir, beat, and whip food ingredients. Using a kitchen mixer is a less laborious way of stirring ingredients compared to manually stirring with a spoon. Kitchen mixers can be either stand mixers or hand mixers. 

Dough Mixer

A mixer is referred to as a dough mixer when a dough hook is attached to the mixer shaft in place of regular beaters. A dough mixer is used for kneading dough. Some types of dough mixers may have extra features like timers, sped controls, and so on. 

Features and Benefits of Using a Good Mixer

Less Effort

The ultimate benefit of using mixers as against stirring manually is the convenience as ease of use. You don’t have to break a sweat to mix your ingredients when you make use of an electric mixer. 

Less Messy

It is difficult to mix manually without leaving a messy kitchen behind. A mixer is designed to keep the ingredients from getting all over the place. Most mixers bowls are also non-stick which makes them easier to clean.  

Cook faster

Using a mixer allows you to carry out a lot of tasks faster than when you do so by hand. You save time on mixing ingredients and your hands are also free when you use a stand mixer which allows you to multitask if you want to. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mixer


mixers (especially stand mixers) have bowls with varying capacities. The capacity of the bowl determines the quantity of ingredients you can mix at once.

The size of your mixer should be appropriately matched to your cooking needs to avoid having to cook in multiple batches just to meet up. You also don’t want a unit that is too large to avoid taking up unnecessary counter space. 

Usage Frequency

How often do you intend to use your mixer? For simple home usage, any good quality food mixer might be great, but for commercial use, you have to look out for a high-powered mixer that can handle the volume of ingredients and frequency of usage. 

Choose a mixer that will fulfil all your baking needs.

Additional Features Available

Various mixers come with a wide range of features. Some mixers offer multiple speed settings which allow you to set the desired speed depending on the ingredients you are working with. Some feature mixers with a planetary mixing function which ensures a remarkably even mixture, while others provide a detachable dust shield to simplify clean-up.

Some units also have multiple attachments which makes them adaptable for different mixing tasks. Some features like the size and shape of the handle, presence of splash guards, non-slip or suction base, and so on also impact the ease of use of your unit. In terms of safety, a good stand mixer also has a positive beater lock to ensure a tight fit during high speeds.

Price Factors

Budget is an important consideration in purchasing any kitchen appliances. While the most expensive mixer isn’t necessarily the best unit on the market, a good quality unit is likely to cost higher than a cheap flimsy knock-off. 

5 Best Mixers to Buy in Malaysia

Here are some of the best mixers you can find on the Malaysian market. The best mixer Malaysia offers is somewhere in this list!

1. Panasonic MX-SS40 HAND BLENDER (600W) 5 SPEED [MX-SS40BSK]

Powerful 4-in-1 blender

The Panasonic MX-SS40 hand blender is one of the best hand mixers in Malaysia. It is a 4-in-1 hand blender suitable for slicing, shredding, whisking, and chopping ingredients.

This power mixer from Panasonic has variable speed settings and you can adjust the speed depending on the hardness of the ingredients you are using it for and your desired cooking speed.

The blender’s powerful motor drives 2 blending blades and 2 straight blades and delivers high blending performance for a wide range of ingredients.


  • 4-in one blender 
  • Durable stainless steel shaft 
  • 5-speed settings 


  • There are no measuring marks on the blender 

2. Electric Multifunction 7 Speed Egg Beater Food Mixer

Electric Multifunction 7 Speed Egg Beater Food Mixer
versatile food mixer with 7 speed settings

The Electric Multifunction 7 Speed Egg Beater Food Mixer features a powerful motor that delivers a thorough mix and superior performance with every use.

The unit offers 7 different mixing speed settings which allow you to vary the mixer speed depending on the ingredients you are working with.

This is a versatile food mixer that can be used with a stand or gripped directly with its handle. The package includes a stainless steel bowl with a 1.7 liters capacity and dual mixing heads. This food mixer is portable and lightweight with an ergonomic handle for convenient use. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • 7 mixing speeds 
  • Dual mixing heads (dough hook and 2-wire whisk) 
  • Versatile food mixer


  • It may be a little noisy at higher speeds

3. Russell Taylors Stand Mixer Cake Kitchen Blender (1000W/5L) [SM-1000]

Russell Taylors Stand Mixer Cake Kitchen Blender (1000W/5L) SM-1000
Large capacity stand mixer with 5-liter stainless bowl

This Russell Taylors Stand Mixer Cake Kitchen Blender is one of the best stand mixers in Malaysia. This powerful stand mixer is equipped with a powerful 1000 Watt motor which helps it to deliver with smoothness and exceptional versatility for a wide range of mixing assignments.

This stand mixer also comes with a large 5-liter stainless steel bowl which makes it suitable for handling a large volume of ingredients.

This mixer offers variable speed settings and you can select the exact speed you want for each ingredient. The mixer also comes with 3 attachments which can be used for a variety of cooking techniques.

It also comes with dough hooks for mixing dough and a beater for mixing egg whites. 


  • Large non-stick stainless steel bowl 
  • Machine washable parts for easy cleaning 
  • A powerful 1000W motor 
  • Sleek and stylish design 


  • Some users might find it a bit bulky 

4. Philips Hand Mixer (200W) [HR3700]

Portable and lightweight Philips hand mixer.
Portable and lightweight Philips hand mixer.

The Philips Hand Mixer is a lightweight hand mixer that offers a faster and more efficient way to mix food to a smooth, fluffy texture.

This mixer offers 3-speed settings to choose from based on the task you need it for. It also comes paired with a collection of dough hooks and beaters which you easily click on and swap out depending on what you intend to use the mixer for.

The hooks and beaters can be easily attached to the shaft or released using an eject button. This unit has a simple ergonomic design and is quite portable with a cord clip that makes storage quite seamless. 


  • Simple and lightweight design 
  • 3-speed settings 
  • Eject button for releasing dough hooks and beaters 
  • Quick clean design 


  • Mixer may overheat after long use 

5. Cornell 5 Speed Stand Mixer [CSM-S8008HP]

Cornell 5 Speed Stand Mixer CSM-S8008HP
versatile mixer with rotatable bowl

The Cornell 5 Speed Stand Mixer is an impressively designed stand mixer that gets the job done efficiently as far as mixing ingredients is concerned. With 5 distinct speed levels and an extra turbo function, this is a very versatile mixer.

It features a plastic bowl with a 3.5liter capacity which makes it suitable for handling a large batch of ingredients. The bowl is rotatable but it has a lock bottom stable that ensures that the base stays locked to the body of the mixer during operation. 


  • 5-speed settings 
  • Release button
  • Large capacity bowl 


  • Some users might not like the fact that the unit has a plastic body. 


Whether for home baking or professional use, you need a good quality food mixer to make your work a lot easier. We have reviewed 5 of the best options you can consider and any of them qualifies as the best hand mixer Malaysia. 

However, there are specific factors that may limit your options and determine the best product for you on this list.

If you are on a tight budget for instance and price is an important factor to consider, the Electric Multifunction 7 Speed Egg Beater Food Mixer would be a great option to consider.

Alternatively, you can go for all full-featured units like the Russell Taylors Stand Mixer Cake Kitchen Blender if the cost is not a major consideration for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best stand mixer for home use?

When it comes to choosing the best stand mixer for your kitchen, you will find that there are plenty of options out there.

Most popular stand mixers can speed up the mixing process by a wide margin. However, from all the options available out there, the best stand mixer is one that is practical, durable, and efficient for a wide range of cooking tasks. 

2. Which is the best food mixer?

A simple search online will most likely turn up a long list of products that fit this description. But you should bear in mind that the best food mixer isn’t just the product with the most features, but one that has the specific features you need.

For instance, a food mixer may be great as a bread dough mixer but may not be so great for whisking egg whites. This means you have to figure out your cooking needs and find a product within your budget that can meet those needs efficiently.

Fortunately, there are loads of premium stand mixers out there so finding the best one for your needs should not be all too difficult. 

3. How do I choose a good mixer?

To choose a good mixer, we recommend that you take a look at reviews from shoppers who have purchased a stand mixer or a hand mixer in the past. This will help you find out which are the best stand mixers on the market.

You can also talk to people around you who regularly purchase baking equipment.

Whether you are looking for a compact hand mixer for your small space or a larger countertop stand mixer, you should take your time to sift through the options to ensure that you get the right one for the job.

4. What is the best affordable stand mixer?

Price is typically a concern when buying household appliances and this applies to food mixers as well. However, the best stand mixers in Malaysia may not be the ones that are the most expensive.

However, you may need a bigger budget for a quality unit with all the features you need. Above all, while the cost is probably a concern, you don’t want a cheap mixer.

What you need is the most quality stand mixer that you can afford based on your budget. 

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