Best 8 Litre Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker Malaysia – Russell Taylors vs MMX Ewant

As usual, we know that choosing the right kitchen appliance can be a tricky business, especially for beginners. Nowadays we require appliances like a rice cooker, an air fryer, a slow cooker and a stovetop pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker or multi cooker is the solution to this.

Electric pressure cookers come with endless capabilities and, therefore, offer a better cooking alternative as compared to regular pots and pans.

Modern electric pressure cookers come with all the safety features which will make accidents a thing of the past. If you buy the right pressure cooker, you’ll cook healthier and delicious meals for a lesser time.

Food prepared in an electric pressure cooker.
Food prepared in an electric pressure cooker.

In this article, we’ll weigh the similarities and differences between two of the best 8L large capacity electric pressure cooker models. By the end of it all, you should be in a position to make a well-informed decision when choosing the best electric pressure cooker.

Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker Brands

Some of the features that you need to check before purchasing the best multi-cooker include safety features, ease of use, source of energy, and capacity. Electric pressure cookers are available in a wide range of capacities. Both of our products today have an electric pressure cooker capacity of 8L. These are some of the largest size pressure cookers available in the market.

Russell Taylors

Russell Taylors an internationally-recognized brand that has made significant milestones in the last decade. It is one of the leading electric pressure cooker manufacturers globally thanks to its masterful designs, precise engineering, robust testing, and global certification. As a result, Russel Taylors brings you excellent and high-quality products. Some of their products include electric pressure cookers, air fryers, bread makers, slow juicers, fruit juicers, blenders, stand mixers, snack makers, sandwich makers, etc.

Modernize your kitchen with the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker is a non-stick multi-cooker pot that may be used as a rice cooker. Its innovative design features a detachable inner lid that’s very easy to clean. This pressure cooker prepares meals way faster (up to 70%) than other conventional cooking methods.

MMX Ewant

On the other hand, there is MMX Ewant. This distinguished top-of-the-range appliance manufacturer strives to bring its customers quality and excellence in all its products. At MMX Ewant, they’re committed to making products of the best quality and offer them to their customers at affordable prices. Their products are designed for elegance and are focused on bringing comfort and convenience to people’s homes.

Russell Taylors 8L Dual Pot Pressure Cooker PC-80

Russell Taylors 8L Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker
Russell Taylors 8L Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker


  • Cooks super-fast
  • Retains nutrients and vitamins in the food
  • Sensor touch panel makes it easy to use
  • The automatic pressure release valve enhances safety


  • Quite expensive
  • The exterior is prone to dents

MMX Pressure Cooker Rice Cooker Stainless Steel Pot (8L) [MMXYBD8-135R]

MMX Ewant Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker
MMX Ewant Large Capacity Electric Pressure Cooker

The multi-functional 8-in-1 MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker comes in cherry red and has adjustable pressure time. Its inner pot is non-stick and you can delay cooking time for anywhere from 0-24 hours. This high energy efficient electric pressure cooker’s stainless steel exterior is fingerprint resistant so it stays clean for longer. The reason why it’s considered high energy efficient is that it automatically keeps food warm until you get back home in time for dinner.


  • Requires less energy than conventional methods
  • Concentrates the flavors
  • Has a non-stick inner pot
  • Affordable considering the available features


  • Cleaning requires more care compared to regular pots
  • The manual is not easy to understand

Features ComparisonRussell Taylors vs. MMX Ewant

You are probably wondering which of these two products is good enough and worthy of being added to your kitchen. In this best pressure cooker review, we’re going to do a conclusive and impartial analysis. By the time you’re done reading, you should be in a position to decide which one of the two is going to be your companion in the kitchen.

1.   Pricing

Many electric pressure cookers in the market that offer speedy and efficient cooking times. So you should compare the prices before settling on one that suits your needs. If you are interested in a healthy, delicious, and fast-cooked meal, you need to invest in a reliable pressure cooker. and just like with anything else, you get the quality that you pay for. With that being said, if you need a highly-functional product, you might have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Don’t get me wrong though, some of the best cheap pressure cookers are still functional, highly reliable, and safe.

The pricing is a great indicator of how much the products are worth and may change in the event of a sale or promotion. However, both options are easy on the pocket, only costing several hundred ringgit.

As we previously mentioned, just because a pressure cooker is more expensive than another, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best electric pressure cooker. For us, the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker takes the day. Not only is it a little cheaper but the multi-functional cooker also comes with numerous features such as the delayed cooking time, 3 adjustable tastes, and the keep-warm feature. If you’re on a tight budget you should definitely consider it.

2.   Pressure Settings

Most pressure cooker recipes call for cooking at 15psi (the unofficial standard for pressure cooking) so you should check to see that the pressure cooker you’re about to buy is capable of reaching this level. If the pressure cooker has a lower psi of say 12-13 psi, you should add 10% more cooking time. On the other hand, if a pressure cooker has an even lower psi of between 8-9 psi, you should add 20% more cooking time.

The Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker has programmable pressure settings depending on the meal that you want to make.

The MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker has three pressure settings. These are 0KPa, 40KPa, and 70KPa. These let you choose the pressure you want your food to cook at. Using a lower pressure cooks the food much slower but adds extra flavor while cooking at a higher pressure cooks the food much faster.

Multi-functional electric pressure cookers with different pressure settings.

Yet again, the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker takes the victory over the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker. This is thanks to its versatility that allows you to change to the right pressure as needed.

3.   Heat Regulation

The best electric pressure cooker Malaysia should make it possible for you to adjust the heat when the pressure cooker has reached pressure to prevent it from blowing up. Keep in mind that it’s possible to lower the pressure inside the pot without losing the heat. This allows the food to keep warm even after the pressure has been released.

For both the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker and the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker, the heat regulation process is automated. You don’t need to keep re-learning the heat settings that are required to cook a specific type of food. Their heating elements work with built-in sensors to monitor and automatically regulate the pot’s temperature and pressure based on the smart profile selected. The heating element stays engaged all through to maintain a stable temperature which creates precise cooking conditions. If any unsafe heating conditions are detected, the cooker signals you about the error with a beep and cuts off power to the heating element.

A Russell Taylors Model electric pressure cooker with heat regulation.

In this category, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker takes the cake. This is because it lets you select the desired profile and cooking time. This determines how much heat will be generated within the cooking pot once the food is cooking.

4.   Functionality

Most electric pressure cookers function just like regular stovetop pressure cookers. They cook the food inside fast by raising the pressure inside. As a result, the water reaches the boiling point faster. The steam gets trapped inside the pot and as the steam builds up, so does the pressure. All this is thanks to the sealed chamber. The tightly sealed pressure cooker also prevents evaporation which causes the food to have more flavor.

Once you’re done cooking, you should allow the pressure to come down before opening the lid. This means that you shouldn’t open the pot immediately. Instead, you should give it a few minutes.

A multi-functional electric pressure cooker with red finishing.
A multi-functional electric pressure cooker with red finishing.

Electric pressure cookers may also function as slow cookers. While pressure cooking uses hot steam and pressure to cook food quickly, slow cooking uses lower pressure and temperature to cook the food for longer. Pressure cooking and slow cooking are very effective for different types of foods. However, you need to be very careful to avoid overcooking foods because nothing can be done to reverse the damage. You also need to have enough liquid in the pot to create enough steam when you slow cook and prevent the food from getting burnt.

Both the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker and the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker shine when it comes to functionality. The high pressure that they build inside cooks the food extremely fast as compared to other cooking methods.

5.   Timer, Schedule Features, and Cooking Programs

Cooking scheduling is a feature that can be found in some of the best pressure cookers. Some electric pressure cookers allow for scheduling and delayed start for up to 24 hours depending on the model, and this makes pressure cooking so much easier. The meals that can be left in the cooker shouldn’t contain meat, dairy, or other ingredients that need to stay refrigerated.

Almost all modern electric pressure cookers come with a pre-set timing control or easy-to-program timer that keeps a record of the time elapsed. Certain foods need to be cooked for a specific amount of time under pressure.

Different manufacturers are now incorporating cooking profiles by using various combinations of temperature, pressure, and cooking time. These technological advancements led to the “3rd generation” programmable smart cookers.” The pre-set cooking programs are good helpers when cooking as they give users good suggestions for cooking time for various foods. These automatic cooking profiles are controlled by the pressure sensors and the thermostat.

The Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker, as well as the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker, come with an integrated easy-to-program timer. The latter wins because of its bonus delayed cooking time feature.

6.   Multiple Uses

You should always put into consideration which capabilities you need and which ones you can do without. Almost all modern electric cooker models in the market are multicookers. Multi-cook means that they come with numerous cooking options including electric pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, cooking rice, cooking soup yogurt making, pressure canning and to steam food. Keep in mind that the electric pressure cooker non-stick inner pot still cannot be used as a normal cooking pot. A multifunctional pressure cooker can often optimize your typical cooking routines.

Some of the additional recipes call for the use of accessories such as a steamer basket or cooking rack. To get the best value for your money, get an electric pressure cooker that already comes with these accessories.

One thing that most people love about electric pressure cookers is that they can cook so many different things while simplifying the cooking process. What exactly can you make in an electric pressure cooker? Some excellent recipes that electric pressure cooker novices and experts can cook and enjoy include: tough cuts of meat, vegetables, legumes, stews, curries, brown meat, poached or steamed fruit, cheesecakes, steamed puddings, as well as rice and risottos. Remember to adhere to the measurements indicated for each recipe. It accommodates you with many cooking options. You can stir fry, slow cook, pressure cook and double boil.

The MMX Ewant digital multi-pressure cooker has 8 different cooking functions which give it a triumphant lead between the two products.

7.   Storage

When you visit most homes, you’ll realize that most people store their electric pressure cookers on countertops. These appliances are relatively heavy and bulky. This storage position is very strategic because that’s exactly where the electric pressure cookers will sit when you want to pressure cook. If you don’t have adequate counter space in your house, you’ll need a sizeable cabinet for it. Before purchasing an electric pressure cooker, you need to consider how much space you have in your kitchen. This affects the size of the pressure cooker that you get.

Electric pressure cookers tend to be bulky, thus needing more storage space.
Electric pressure cookers tend to be bulky, thus needing more storage space.

Some of the best pressure cookers come with a top handle, some with two side handles, and others with both options. Those with side handles are easier to lift. It’s best that you find an electric pressure cooker with folding handles as these require less storage space. Additionally, you need to check how heavy the electric pressure cooker before buying. If it’s too heavy, it’ll be hard for you to lift it when you want to move it from one place to another.

An electric pressure cooker will replace multiple other electric appliances which means that it creates more room on the counters. On matters storage, the multi-functional 8-in-1 MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker emerges as the winner in this category.

8.   Materials and Durability

Electric pressure cookers have an inner and outer casing. The outer casing is constructed using a thermal resistant material such as plastic. The interior casing is usually made of aluminium that has a non-stick coating. Most pressure cookers nowadays have stainless steel inner pots with anodized aluminium and ceramic-coated interiors.

Even though a stainless steel cooking pot is more expensive (and heavier) than other materials, it’s your best bet if you are looking for something that will last a long time. You definitely want a durable pressure cooker. Aluminium models are lightweight and come at a lower price point but have a shorter lifespan. Note that even though stainless steel is regarded as a more superior material, aluminium cooks more perfectly.

Durable corrosion-resistant electric pressure cooker.
Durable corrosion-resistant electric pressure cooker.

Of course, not all electric pressure cookers are created equal. Some have better electronics than others and are extremely durable but generally, the better care you take care of your pot the longer it’ll last. As part of the maintenance routine, you need to be very careful when using cutlery that might scratch the non-stick coating.

If you are someone who tends to treat their pots with a rough hand, ensure that the material used inside the pot is resistant to scratches over time. The non-stick pot interiors are easy to clean but don’t usually fare well with the high pressures. they start showing signs of wear and tear soon but the good news is that they can be replaced when needed.

Overall, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker is more durable. Users don’t report electronic failures within the first couple of years or so.

9.   Replacement Parts

All pressure cookers have parts that will eventually wear and need replacing even when the cooker isn’t being used. During the period within which you use your electric pressure cooker, it’s expected that some parts will wear out at some point. The most easily damaged parts include the gaskets, non-stick pot inserts, and other silicone parts. Once damaged, the parts need to be replaced fast. These replacement parts need to be purchased

The Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker and the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker are both well-made models and their parts last for long. Also, both manufacturers are established so it’s quite easy to track down replacement parts. By all means, avoid imported re-branded electric pressure cookers as it makes it hard to track down replacement parts. You should only buy your electric pressure cooker from a longstanding company with a good reputation and customer service so you’ll easily track and purchase these replacement parts as needed.

10. Other Applicable Features

Safety Features

Are you worried about all the old stories you have heard about pressure cookers exploding? If yes, we’d say that it’s understandable but we’re here to give you a reason not to worry anymore. Pressure cookers, both electric ones and stovetop pressure cookers, have become safer and safer as technology keeps evolving. You have features like the automatic pressure release valve which will release pressure build-up safely.

When these appliances are used correctly, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Remember to always take time and read the manual even if the model you are using comes with standard safety features. Simple errors can turn into devastating disasters but, of course, these are in extreme circumstances.

Before making a purchase, ensure that the electric pressure cooker has a lid that fits tightly and securely as well as strong handles that are easy to grip so you don’t risk dropping the pot. It should also come with precision valve pressure regulators that release the steam while you are cooking.

On matters safety, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker stands out more because it comes with a child lock system. If anyone (both adults and children) removes the lid from the electric pressure cooker while the food is still cooking, he/she is highly likely to end up with some serious burns from the steam and splattered food.


Some modern electric pressure cookers come with a built-in cleaning setting. This is really helpful especially if it’s a large unit. The best models are those that come with a preset that cleans the unit for you. Those that are easy to take apart for cleaning purposes are also a good option. Also when you’re cooking using an electric pressure cooker there are fewer spills, splatters, and crumbs that need to be cleaned up

Both models i.e. the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker and the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker come with non-stick interiors and this means that they’re very easy to clean.

Features That Stand Out

You are most probably town between the two electric pressure cookers and it’s understandable. No matter the model you choose between the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker and the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker, you can expect either of the two pressure cookers to deliver faster meals and keep the nutrients plus flavors packed in. The 8L pressure cookers are perfect for large families who crave healthy and nutritious meals. They’re also much more convenient than a stovetop pressure cooker and sole slow cooker.

To settle on the best electric pressure cooker, you just need to figure out what factors that you value the most stand out in either of the two. Both options make pressure cooking energy efficient so you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket every time your electricity bill comes. We highly recommend them as some of the most affordable pressure cookers around.

Here are some of the features that stand out in either model:

The Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker

We all love appliances that make life easier for us by doing things for us in a short time. This model is a no-frills electric pressure cooker that works efficiently. It’s super affordable and cooks 70% faster than conventional kitchen appliances; with perfect cooking results every time. Its performance may be compared to some of the more expensive brands so we guarantee that you won’t regret getting this value-for-money pressure cooker.

Russell Taylors has a user-friendly control panel.

The non-stick pressure cooker has an easy-to-program timer and touch sensor operational panel to help you operate with ease. You can choose to bake, flavor, boil, brown, steam, sauté, or simmer – whichever suits your cooking style. Alternatively, you can also manually set your own pressure range for more control over your cooking.

Two features that stand out the most are the child-lock option so that kids don’t tamper with the lid as the food is cooking and the automatic airtight locking lid for added safety. The 1-year manufacturer warranty, the keep-warm feature, and the cup measurements on the inner pots are also worth a mention.

The MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker

The delayed cooking setting for up to 24 hours is an out-of-this-world feature that gives you a device that is essentially hands-free and automatic to use. This value-for-money electric pressure cooker is the true definition of good and cheap. It’s very convenient if you’re one to plan your meals and cooking time.

This 8-in-1 electric pressure cooker can cook different cuts of meat, porridge, rice, soup, and other meals with the touch of a button.

An automatic 8-in-1 electric pressure cooker for hands-free use.

Where the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker stands out is in the accessories. It comes with one pot, a manual, a dew collector, a recipe, a rice paddle, a wire, a measuring card, and an after-service card. What’s more, is that the fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel finish on the outer layer looks great in any kitchen.


As you can see, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker varies greatly from the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker, probably in more ways than we have covered. Clearly, both electric pressure cookers have strong advantages so the one that you end up choosing is highly dependent on your needs and preferences. We strongly advise that you should go for the cooker with the multifunctionality. This guarantees that you’ll have a more hands-off approach to making your meals and at a quicker time too.

For example, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker will work well for you if you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker with an innovative design. The easy-to-program and easy-to-clean detachable inner lid make the cooker very beginner-friendly.

In contrast, the MMX Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker will work well for you if you’re looking for an 8-in-1 multifunctional cooker that has 3 adjustable tastes and keeps food warm until you’re ready to serve. Not only is it high-energy efficient but it’s also kitchen friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do I really need a pressure cooker?

Yes – if you’re looking to time you spend in the kitchen. Pressure cookers come in handy when you need to prepare your meals fast. This makes it an essential appliance in the kitchen. They do an amazing job at searing meats, braising, simmering, and boiling.

However, if you cannot get one for whatever reason, you can substitute it with alternatives such as steamers, microwaves, ovens, or cook food the conventional way using a regular pot on a stovetop. A pressure cooker saves up to 90% of the energy used when cooking conventionally.

2.   Which brand of electric pressure cooker is the best?

There are so many brands of electric pressure cookers out there that the options may seem quite overwhelming. The best pressure cooker Malaysia has to be safe to use and needs to come with excellent cooking functions. Some of the functions that stand out include the automatic temperature system and the time control feature.

The best brand overall has to be the Instant Pot. The best thing about this brand is the durability and exceptional strength. It also does everything from pressure cook to slow cook to steam, boil, roast, and more.

3.   What type of electric pressure cooker should you choose?

To make your selection process much easier, you should first come up with a list of all the capabilities that you’re looking for. Choose a cooker with which you can make rice, bread, desserts, yogurt – pretty much everything. The size of the electric pressure cooker also matters a lot. If you have a small family, a 3 or 6-quart size electric pressure cooker should be perfect. On the other hand, if you have a larger family, you should consider purchasing an 8-quart electric pressure cooker.

A well-known brand that’s trusted by people is definitely a plus. These are generally high-quality, fast, safe, healthy, green, and easy to use.

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