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It isn’t news that coffee is highly beneficial for the human body. However, besides the many benefits of coffee, it also has a great taste that can’t be replaced by any other beverage. But great coffee taste is only possible when good coffee is brewed. If you have drank coffee with a bitter aftertaste or can’t seem to make the best coffee, it’s because you are using the wrong coffee type/beans for your drink. 

This review will open your eyes to know what instant coffee is best for your choice of brewing method, why it is so, as well as a list of other great coffee brands to choose from. So cross your legs, relax, and stay tuned through this best coffee Malaysia review. 

10 Best Coffee in Malaysia

Davidoff Espresso 57 

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Davidoff Espresso 57 dark & chocolatey

The Davidoff Espresso 57 is the best instant coffee for house blend espressos. Made from arabica beans harvested from Central America and South America, it has a slightly acidic aftertaste which could be due to the hint of chocolate added to the roast. 

It is roasted at a temperature of about 57 degrees (hence its name ‘57’). This temperature is responsible for the deep, chocolate brown color and the level of roast (deep roast). Why we especially like this instant coffee and why it is first on this list is because it makes fresh espressos that taste great with or without milk/cream.


  • Best espresso-centered coffee option
  • Has chocolatey notes for those with a sweet tooth
  • Great for those that love deep roasted coffee


  • Slight acidic aftertaste

Boncafe Colombiana Instant Coffee

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
A jar of Boncafe Colombiana

If you are into medium roasts, Boncafe Colombiana Instant coffee is the best on the table. It originated in Singapore where the brand established itself as a small business. Now, it is fully developed into one of the best instant coffee. 

Great for many coffee aficionados, Boncafe Colombiana Instant Coffee is fully flavored and has an even smoother texture than Davidoff Espresso 57. It is produced from a unique blend of Central America and South America’s Arabica beans to create a coffee blend with rich and full taste, making it a popular choice in many countries including India. However, this instant coffee, with its high caffeine content, is known to be a favorite among coffee lovers in India, especially for its unique and delicious taste of Indian filter coffee.


  • Great for any coffee drink
  • Has a special flavor that sweetens coffee drinks


  • High caffeine content

Nescafe Blend & Brew Original

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Nescafe Blend and Brew original-flavored coffee

Coming next is a strong and highly caffeinated coffee drink, the Nescafe Blend & Brew Original is a big relief and is also a favorite of many Malaysians. This instant coffee contains a coffee roast blend, mild milk, creamer, and sweetener to make it highly smooth and creamy after a hot or cold brew. Whether you prefer a classic cup of kopi ‘o’ from Malaysia or a creamy latte from Brazil, Nescafe Blend & Brew Original has got you covered.

The Nescafe Blend & Brew Original is processed from robusta coffee beans and hence is less acidic and best for people with acid-reflux and for those who have a sweet tooth. The coffee is consistent all through, tastes mild, and has a strong aroma. 


  • Makes for creamy coffee drinks
  • Coffees made with Nescafe 3-in-1 blend and brew are not bitter
  • Great for people who have acid-reflux


  • Might be too sweet for some

Starbucks Premium Instant Mix Coffee Caffè Mocha

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Range of Starbucks Premium Instant Mix Coffee

Starbucks Premium Instant Mix Coffee Caffè Mocha is a fully-packed instant coffee mix that is processed 100% from Arabica coffee beans. It was specially created to make a home blend of Mocha coffee or Starbucks with the same great taste, smoothness, and aroma. 

The coffee is mixed with cocoa, dairy milk, and of course, coffee so that the resultant taste is chocolatey, thick, and highly rich. We love this instant coffee for the foam layer that comes with the brew. The foam makes this instant home coffee taste professionally-made. 


  • Greatly resembles the Starbucks coffee from its outlets
  • Mixed with cocoa and dairy milk for more sweetness


  • Might be too sweet

Alor Americano Freeze Dried Arabica Coffee

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Alor Americano Arabica Coffee

This Alor Coffee makes brewing a fresh Americano coffee drink easy and fast. It originated from pure Arabica coffee beans, processed, and freeze-dried. Therefore, you can expect it to have a strong taste. Alor Americano Freeze Dried coffee is also nutritious, and with a smooth consistency throughout the blend. The instant coffee has deep earthy notes and contains no preservatives, sugar, or any other additives. It also offers a unique twist on the classic espresso with its Espresso Freddo and Freddo Cappuccino varieties, popular choices in Greece.

For those that are trying this for the first time, you should note that this coffee has an acidic and bitter aftertaste, is light, and doesn’t contain cream or any dairy milk. 


  • Best for making Americanos
  • Contains no preservatives or add-ons 


  • Slight acidic and bitter aftertaste
  • Does not contain creamer

Blend Dark Roast 100% Arabica Coffee 

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A packet of Blend 100% Arabica Coffee

Blend Dark Roast 100% Arabica Coffee is blended to create a rich, tasty, and fully-flavored coffee drink with a special aroma and a smooth taste. It is 100% made from freshly grounded and deep-roasted Arabica coffee sourced from the beautiful mountains in Indonesia. 

Blend Dark Roast 100% Arabica Coffee offers you the taste of Arabica wine flavor as well as sweet jackfruit and banana coffee notes hence making up a rich, freshly grounded, deep-roasted, winey taste, fruity instant coffee. 

The instant coffee is processed through fermentation that lasts for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60. Though it tastes like wine, it is not at all alcoholic and you cannot get drunk from drinking this instant coffee. 


  • Taste like wine 
  • The coffee is non-alcoholic 


  • Taste may be too strong for some

SUPER 2in1 Instant Coffee Zero Sugar

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
SUPER 2in1 Instant Coffee

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee with SUPER 2in1 Instant Coffee. This friendly, nutty, and slightly bitter white coffee is roasted at a low temperature that helps to retain the caffeine. As for sweeteners, natural sources are used making it a safe instant coffee for those who suffer from diabetes. 


  • Caffeine is retained for more health benefits 
  • Low cholesterol 
  • Low acidity for those with acid reflux 
  • Low glucose index for diabetic patients


  • Slightly bitter aftertaste
  • Not a strong instant coffee blend

Indocafe 3 in 1 Coffeemix 

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
30g and 100g of Indocafe coffeemix 3-in-1

Indocafe 3 in 1 Coffeemix is the best instant coffee ground on a budget that’s great for iced coffee. Originating from Southeast Asia, this instant coffee tastes great hot and cold. This budget-friendly coffee contains three major ingredients (coffee, non-dairy milk, and sugar crystals). 

Although some reviews criticize Indocafe 3 in 1 Coffeemix to be too sweet and not strong enough as coffee ought to be, the combination of this coffee with a thick creamy blend makes it one of the best coffees on our list. 


  • Very affordable coffee
  • Great for both hot and cold brew


  • May be too sweet

Super Essenso Microground Colombian Black Kopi 

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Essenso Microground coffee (Instant black coffee)

Super Essenso Microground Colombian Black Kopi is also Malaysia’s very own coffee grounds harnessed from pure Arabica coffee beans. It is made to be an instant coffee drink, dissolving easily in water. Combining the Arabica coffee grounds with Columbian Microground coffee, the Super Essenso Microground Colombian black coffee gives off a fresh taste of finely ground coffee, perfect for those who appreciate the delicate flavors of micro coffee.


  • Has a consistent smooth texture
  • Made from high-quality arabica coffee beans


  • The rich full-bodied taste may not suit everyone

Antong Cafe Traditional Ground Coffee Powder

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Antong Cafe Traditional Ground Coffee Powder

Standing at number 10 on this list, Antong Cafe Traditional Ground Coffee Powder is a local Malaysian coffee with a traditional backstory. This black coffee, also known as Vietnamese coffee, contains six types of mixed ground coffee beans and a hint of butter. Therefore, this instant coffee ends up being strong, aromatic, and rich, thanks to its unique roasting technique. So if you are a fan of Vietnamese coffee, also known as ca phe sua da, Antong Cafe Traditional Ground Coffee Powder is a great pick.


  • It is one of the best Malaysian black coffee
  • Tastes great when mixed as a hot or iced drink


  • Has a slightly bitter aftertaste

Guide to Choosing the Right Coffee Powder

Coffee powders might look the same at a glance but they are different in so many more ways than one. Picking one that suits you comes down to knowing the factors that affect the resultant ground or instant coffee. 

Bean Type

Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Quality coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans

There are majorly two types of coffee beans and they are coffee bean arabica and robusta. The type of bean used to make the ground affects the taste, aroma, and constituent of the coffee mix. 

Arabica is sweet with low caffeine and has a strong aroma. It is also the most popularly used bean to make several instant coffee grounds. Robusta has a stronger taste with even more caffeine content (almost double). When you know the properties of the bean, it will not be difficult to assume the properties of the resultant grounds. 


The region where the coffee beans are planted can also affect the taste and texture of the coffee. This is because altitude, temperature, and so on have an effect on the chemical properties of the plant which alters the physical properties thereof. Coffee beans can be from the Asian region like the specialty coffee in Malaysia or from central and south America, Africa, and so on.


Best Coffee Malaysia - ShopJourney
Four different coffee roasts 

The roasting time and method also alter the taste and chemical composition of a coffee mix. Coffee can either be lightly roasted, medium, or dark. In terms of caffeine content, dark roasts and light roasts share similar amounts of caffeine. However, light roast coffee tends to taste milder and sweeter. They also have a strong aroma while dark roasts are more rich in taste. 

Blend or Single Origin

The difference between these two lies in the flavour. While blends of ground coffee have more nutty flavor notes, single-origin coffees tend toward fruity and floral notes. Therefore, depending on what flavors you prefer, you would know what type of coffee you should go for. 

Check the Packaging

A sealed brown coffee bag with coffee beans, a cup of coffee, and pastries on a table.
Coffee grounds packaged in brown paper

Finally, some brands already put together all the information you need on the packaging. Therefore even if it seems a little too technical to understand the previous points, this is more straightforward. 


Coffee connoisseurs understand that to pick a good coffee, you need to understand factors that affect coffee tastes, what to look out for, what brands to trust, and what kind of coffee beans will work best for your kind of brew. That is the sole reason this article was put together – to help you find the best coffee in Malaysia. 

But if you are still finding a hard time choosing one, Nescafe Blend and Brew Original is a great choice for those with a sweet tooth. It is also a versatile coffee blend that can be used to make multiple coffee drinks (hot or cold). 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can go for the Alor Americano Freeze Dried Arabica Coffee. It has a bitter aftertaste with a rich blend of deep earthy coffee flavor. 

For a more budget option, you can choose the Indocafe 3-in-1 coffee mix. At the end of the day, the best coffee is one that suits your health needs and of course, your tastebuds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of coffee powder? 

Coffee powder has different types, but can be generally classified based on several parameters. One of which is the type of coffee bean used to produce the powder, another is the type of roast (light, medium, or deep). 

The temperature for roasting as well as the region it was planted are also variables that determine the types of coffee powder we have. But just to scratch the surface and avoid going in too deep, the types of coffee powder are majorly based on the kind of coffee bean it originates from which can either be coffee robusta or arabica. 

2. What is the benefit of coffee?

Coffee has many benefits but its most popular benefit, however, is that it helps keep a person awake and alert in the morning. But apart from this, it also helps to maintain the brain’s functionality by improving memory. Other benefits include lowering the risk of several diseases in your body, acting as a body antioxidant, and so much more. 

3. What are the cons of coffee?

Despite the many advantages, coffee could prove to be a disadvantage in some cases. For one, coffee can be addictive and can have adverse effects when too much caffeine is ingested into the body system. 

Moreover, coffee that’s too sweet is not good for diabetic patients. The caffeine present in coffees can also cause acid reflux in potential diabetic patients and though it can be prevented, it still stands as a notable disadvantage. 

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