Top 4 – Best Bread Maker Malaysia 2023

Are you done eating the stale store-bought bread? 

Do you want to be sure of the ingredients that go into your breakfast loaf? 

Do you want to enjoy the experience of making freshly baked bread with its amazing aroma?

For any or (or all) of the reasons given above, you need to put a good bread machine on your kitchen counter. A bread maker simplifies the traditional bread making process.

Since most people are not used to buying this baking machine like other kitchen appliances, it is always tricky for them to pick and invest in the best bread maker.  We have put together this bread maker Malaysia review for all those homeowners who will buy this kitchen appliance for the first time.

Apart from reviewing the five best bread makers in Malaysia, we will also discuss factors to consider when buying a bread maker, how to make the most of it, and some of the frequently asked questions about this appliance.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into our comprehensive best bread maker Malaysia round-up review.

Types of Bread Makers in Malaysia

First thing first, one should know about what type of bread makers are available in the Malaysian market. There are essentially two types of bread makers: vertical and horizontal. 

You need to mention here that manufacturers don’t usually label their bread makers vertical or horizontal. So, it’s the consumer’s job to “identify” whether a bread maker is vertical or horizontal. 

Vertical Bread Maker 

Vertical Bread Maker - Best Bread Maker Malaysia - Shop Journey
Vertical Bread Maker

Vertical bread makers usually feature a single kneading paddle/blade and feature a tall and square-shaped bread pan. As a result, the bread you prepare in it has a vertical (upward) rise. Consequently, the loaf comes out in a cube-like shape, which is certainly different from what we are used to buying from stores. Notwithstanding its shape, a vertical loaf is as good in taste and texture as any other piece of good bread.

Horizontal Bread Maker

Horizontal Bread Maker - Best Bread Maker Malaysia - Shop Journey
Horizontal Bread Maker

A horizontal bread maker usually features two kneading paddles and a rectangular bread pan. Therefore, the loaf it makes has a horizontal profile just like any other off-the-shelf bread. If you want to keep your homemade bread identical to readymade loaves, you should opt for horizontal bread makers.

What to Look for When Buying a Bread Maker?

If you’re sifting through bread makers in Malaysia, and you’re not sure how to evaluate a model in line with your requirements, consider the following factors and features.

Loaf Capacity

Bread makers have different loaf capacities.
Bread makers have different loaf capacities.

Every bread maker has different loaf capacities, and some even boast more than one pan. You will find machines with 1, 1.5, 2lb, and even more than 3lb loaf capacities. For a small family, any machine with 1-2lb loaf capacity is more than enough.

If you can’t find the loaf capacity on the packaging/user manual and have already brought the machine home, there is no need to worry. You can easily find that out on your own.

You can determine the loaf capacity of your bread maker by measuring its baking pan’s volume. Fill the pan with water using a standard size cup. If the pan holds fewer than 11 cups, the machine will bake around a 1lb loaf. If the volume of the pan is 13-15 cups, the maker is for a 1.5lb pound piece of bread. Any pan with more than 15 cups capacity is for large 2lb loaves.

Machine Size and Weight

The bread maker’s size usually depends on the size of its baking pan. A large horizontal bread maker will have a larger footprint. If your kitchen counter is already stacked with too many things, you should invest in a vertical bread maker due to its slim ground profile. Regarding the weight of the machine, you will find most standard size units are either approximately ten pounds or more.

Loaf Pan Shape

The shape of the bread pan depends on the bread maker’s overall shape. When using a horizontal bread maker, you will get a rectangular pan boasting normal depth. On the other hand, vertical bread makers usually have deep square-shaped pans. 

Kneading Paddles

Kneading paddles ensure that bread dough reaches the right consistency.
Kneading paddles ensure that bread dough reaches the right consistency.

The kneading paddles of a bread maker are its integral part because they will ensure the dough achieves the right thickness and consistency before entering the baking cycle. You will find bread makers with single and double kneading paddles. If you want the kneading and mixing of expert hands, always opt for options that feature two kneading paddles. 

Also, take into account whether the kneading paddles are removable. By removable, we mean you can detach the paddles before the dough starts baking to get the perfectly baked loaf without any notches and dimples.

Pre-Programmed Settings

The pre-programmed functions of a bread maker make it stand apart among other similar units. Pre-programmed options are also often the reason for bread makers of the same capacity and size being sold at different price points. There is a list of functions that can be huddled in pre-programmed settings. 

For instance, you get options where you can configure the maker just for kneading or baking. Similarly, some bread makers come with built-in dough cycles for some types of bread. You can also find appliances with pre-programmed settings to prepare pizza or cookie dough. We will review a couple of those machines in a bit.

Crust Control

Crust control is one of the most popular functions present in bread makers. As the term suggests, this setting enables you to get the bread crust exactly how you want it without any guessing game. You can select how dark or light you want the crust. The bread maker will bake you that required loaf shell without needing you to continuously oversee the process.

Gluten-Free Option

Many people want a bread maker because they can’t find good gluten-free bread at stores. For all those people, manufacturers have introduced a gluten-free mode in their bread maker machines with recipes and bread mix recommendations. Besides a gluten-free bread setting, you can also find bread makers offering pre-programmed making of whole grain bread, sourdough bread, and other bread variants and recipes.

Delayed Start

The delayed start feature lets you schedule bread-making.

It is a great feature that lets you select the time you want the bread maker to start baking the bread. For instance, if you want freshly baked bread for breakfast but don’t want to get into all the preparation hassle, you can add the ingredients to the machine before going to bed and set its delayed-start baking for when you have breakfast the next morning.


As mentioned earlier, the price of a bread maker usually depends on its features rather than size and capacity. The brand name also plays a part in fixing a bread maker’s price tag. You can find multiple bread maker price points in the market, from RM 100 to 1,000. However, you can easily buy a good-quality bread maker with a reasonable number of features in the RM 200-300 range.


Different manufacturers offer different warranties on their bread makers. Any top-of-the-line bread maker machine comes with at least a one-year full warranty.

How to Get the Most Out of a Bread Maker

Many people get a bread maker and then keep using it to make the same fresh homemade bread until the machine calls it a day. It is certainly one way to use a bread maker, but that’s not how you can make the most of it. If you invest in a bread maker and want to justify every ringgit spent on it, consider the following things.

Bread makers in Malaysia can make more than plain bread.

Don’t Throw Out the Manual

Many people throw out the manual along with the wrapping after unboxing their bread maker. Without having the user manual at their disposal, many bread maker owners remain unable to explore all their machines’ features. Therefore, always skim through the manual before using the maker. These manuals also answer many questions for which users have to rely on the internet and online forums later on.

Have Fun with the Dough Cycle

The dough cycle is a knead-rise-knead cycle in a bread maker. When you make your own bread, you can fiddle with your machine’s dough cycle to use it for more than a standard loaf of bread. For instance, you can operate this cycle to prepare cookie dough, pasta dough, or pizza dough. Similarly, you can adjust this cycle to make many other bread variants like whole wheat bread. 

The “how-to” guide of operating your machine’s dough cycle will be in the user manual. This is another reason why you should not throw out the user manual.

Experiment with Settings

The best bread makers offer a range of settings and features that make the cooking process very convenient. If you want to keep the use of your bread maker versatile, you simply have to experiment with its settings.

For instance, use different dough cycles to understand what type of dough your machine can prepare. Similarly, use time delay setting for items other than a regular bread loaf. Most bread making appliances also include a keep warm function. In short, you need to explore all the settings and functions present on your bread maker’s front panel.

Use Good Ingredients

No matter how top-of-the-line your bread maker is, you can’t put it to good use if you are not using the good quality and right set of ingredients. Keep in mind, your freshly baked homemade bread will be only good as the ingredients you use to make it.

Invest in a Kitchen Scale

If you want to use your bread maker to prepare chef-like gourmet items, invest in a kitchen scale. First, the scale will let you get rid of all the clutter of measuring spoons and cups. Moreover, you can work your ingredients with precision to get the best baking results. 

4 Best Bread Makers in Malaysia

We can’t wrap up this bread maker in Malaysia review without reviewing some of the best options available in the market right now.

Russell Taylors Bread Maker Large [BM-10]

Russell Taylors Bread Maker Large [BM-10]
Russell Taylors Bread Maker Large [BM-10]

This large Russell bread maker is one of the best bread makers in Malaysia for various reasons. The machine has a 2lb pound capacity and comes with various features you would like to see in a versatile bread maker. It has 19 pre-set programs and three crust settings. From basic to gluten-free and rice bread to whole-wheat, you can use it for different bread types. You can also use it for baking cake sponges, stir-fry, and defrost non-banking items.

You can also use this affordable bread maker with a maximum time delay of 15 hours. In other words, you can easily use it to prepare the fresh bread for the next morning without getting up early. Then, the “keep warm” option lets you keep the baked loaf all fresh and toasty for the next 60 minutes.

We also like this machine for its compact footprint that doesn’t occupy too much space on the counter. Moreover, it’s easy to clean after every use, thanks to its nonstick inner pan. The price of this bread is also quite reasonable given the number of valuable features it has.

Panasonic Bread Maker [SD-P104]

A high-end vertical bread maker by Panasonic.
Vertical Panasonic Bread Maker [SD-P104]

If budget is not an issue, consider investing in this high-end bread maker by Panasonic. This is a contender for the best bread maker you’ll find online in Malaysia. This premium bread maker has a loaf capacity of 1lb and comes with 13 different pre-programmed cycles. You get eight bread cycles to bake all sorts of bread. Then, there are cycles to make pizza and dumpling dough. You also get two separate settings to prepare cakes and chocolate desserts.

What we most like in this bread maker are its automatic ingredient dispensers. You get a yeast dispenser that automatically adds the yeast into the mix in the right amount and at the right time like a professional baker. Then nut/raisin dispenser ensures even distribution of add-ons through the piece of loaf.

The other standout features of this Panasonic bread maker are its power interruption protection and temperature sensor. Even if there is a sudden power interruption for a couple of minutes, you don’t have to reset the machine and start from scratch. As soon as the power goes back, the machine will pick and continue the baking from where it was interrupted. Moreover, the temperature sensor ensures that the machine adjusts every baking cycle in line with the ambient temperature.

PerySmith Bread Maker Ecohealth Series [PS3500]

PerySmith Bread Maker Ecohealth Series [PS3500]

PerySmith has designed this model for all those households where there is high consumption of the bread. This Perysmith bread maker Ecohealth series appliance boasts a loaf capacity of 3.5lb, allowing you to make enough breakfast bread for 6 to 7 people in one go. The manufacturer has used two kneading paddles/blades in this unit to ensure that a large number of ingredients easily transform into a consistent dough.

It is worth noting that this PerySmith bread maker is not just about larger loaf capacity. It also boasts 15 different dough cycles to prepare different types of bread and other baked items. It also has a 15-hour delay timer and a 1-hour keep warm function. Like the Panasonic bread maker, the PerySmith bread maker Ecohealth series also has power interruption protection features for up to 15 minutes.

You are also not bound to always bake the large size 3.5lb loaf in this PerySmith bread machine. You can opt for 2 and 2.5lb loaf options as well.

Kenwood Bread Maker [BM250]

A Kenwood BM250 breadmaker with a freshly baked loaf of white bread.
A Kenwood Bread Maker [BM250] with a freshly baked loaf of white bread.

If you need a varying amount of bread every day and with very short prep time, you should consider Kenwood bread maker. The manufacturer offers users to make large (1000gm), medium (750gm), and small (500gm) loaf sizes in the machine. Then, you also get a rapid bake button to get your regular loaf of delicious bread ready within an hour. 

Apart from these USPs, you also get 12 preset programs to bake all different bread and other gourmet items. The Kenwood BM250 also features a power interruption memory so that an accidental switch turnoff doesn’t mess up your baking. Like any other good bread maker, this one also features the time delay function to get your baking going with convenience. 


We hope that this bread makers in Malaysia review piece helps you get the best machine for your freshly baked bread. We would recommend you to buy the Panasonic Bread Maker for its form, features, and reliability. However, if you are on a budget, Russell Taylor’s Bread Maker is the best option you can get.

For people who want to bake large loaves of fresh bread, PerySmith Bread Maker Machine is a good option to consider.

Whichever you pick, you’ll be well on your way to making freshly baked bread!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to make bread in a bread maker?

The time it takes to make bread primarily depends on the type of loaf you want to bake. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to prepare bread in a bread maker. However, some bread maker machines also come with quick features (e.g., Kenwood BM250) that let you make a loaf within an hour. Making bread has never been easier.

2. What ingredients do I need to make bread in a bread maker?

To make a basic loaf of bread in your bread maker, you will only need flour, milk/water, yeast, and salt (for flavoring and controlled fermentation). However, you can also add resins, nuts, and other ingredients to the bread maker, depending on the recipe you follow. The best bread makers will take it from there!

3. How do you clean a bread machine?

Top-quality bread machines come with nonstick baking pans. So, it is quite easy to clean them. Just wipe down the pan with a soapy rag, rinse it with lukewarm water, and let it air-dry. Repeat the same steps with gentle hands to clean kneading paddles, dough hooks, and other internal components of the machine.

4. Is bread from a bread maker different from oven-baked bread?

Yes, the bread prepared in a bread maker is different in taste and texture than oven-baked bread. Making bread this way gives it a dense texture and a richer flavor profile. Due to its heavier and compressed texture, a loaf made in a bread maker can also serve more people.

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