Battling It Out: Figaro vs Electric Meat Grinder Blender


If you are a mother looking to impress your children with savory purees, then you know that nothing brings out the deliciousness in the combined flavors of food like a powerful blender.

The Figaro and Electric Meat Grinder Blender electric food blenders are a favorite of many due to their ability to chop, crush, puree, and grind foods. From my observations, I came to realize that many people are often conflicted as to which is the best food blender among the two.

Today, these two powerful blenders are going to battle it out to see which option the best blender malaysia for you is.

We will dive into intricate details on which blender offers the best solution, to see which the worthwhile investment is.


Figaro has once again made its authority known by unveiling this Figaro Electric Food Blender electric household blender machine.

What makes this product stand out is its three s-shaped blades that allow you to easily blend your fruits and food. This allows you to achieve purees and smoothies with a fine and silky consistency.

When it comes to chopping vegetables, this electric food blender does not disappoint. Thanks to its auto operation feature, your vegetables will be ready for cooking in a few seconds.

Currently, the price of this Figaro food blender has been slashed by RM 20.00. Its high-speed 200W pure copper motor saves you time as a grinding session takes only 8 seconds.

With a capacity of 2 liters, this electric food mixer grinder is an ideal choice for large families.

Durability is one of the key things consumers watch out for when purchasing the best blender and this specific model embraces longevity.

It is made from stainless steel and has a high resistance to high temperatures, qualities that make it long-lasting.

With its vast portfolio of kitchen appliances, KL STOK is a manufacturing company that never falls short. This KL STOK multi-functional food blender is enough proof of the company’s dedication to manufacturing the best products the food blender Malaysia industry can offer.

What’s more, the product embraces functionality and cost-effectiveness as it has multiple functionalities and comes with an attractive RM 15.10 price slash.

We can all agree that kitchen preparations can be messy. This KL STOK blender has an electric powered grinder that takes the stress out of chopping vegetables and fruits.

It is a 250 high power multipurpose blender that also doubles up as a meat grinder. Its large liquid capacity of 3L is enough to hold a whole family’s meal.

It has serious blending skills and is ideal for making baby purees, thanks to its 300 wattage power and 5 high-performance blades that are specially made for better food cutting.

Figaro Household Blender

Figaro household blender with a 2L capacity
Figaro household blender with a 2L capacity

Figaro household blender with a 2L capacity


·  It is made from stainless steel, which makes it rust-proof and unlikely to wear out

·  It makes juicing easy,  allowing you to enjoy your favorite healthy smoothies in the comfort of your home

·  It blends the fruits and vegetables without wasting any vitamins or fiber, keeping the full nutritional value of the drinks and foods well-balanced

·  Its auto operation feature saves time and is easy to operate, making it a suitable option for first-time users


·  It has fewer speed variations

·  It is not appropriate for commercial use

Electric Meat Grinder Blender Food Blender

Electric Meat Grinder Blender Food Blender
3L Capacity makes it ideal for larger families


·  It is one of the best multi-functional blender models that can be used to grind a variety of meats, fruits, vegetables, and  salads

·  It is made from stainless steel, one of the most durable materials

·  It can easily be assembled and disassembled, making it easy to clean and store

·  It has a warranty


·  It does not have variable speed controls

·  It is mostly made for home use

Face-to-Face Features

From a distance, the two blender models share a look. It is not uncommon to mistake one for the other. Both of them are made from stainless steel, but how do they match up in terms of other features?

In this battle, we are going to have a beyond-the-surface understanding of the operations of these two blenders. Let us see how they face-off.

·  Pricing

When it comes to blender price comparison, these two fall into the same bracket as they both retail at RM49.90. However, this is only after the Figaro brand saw its price slashed from RM69.90 and Electric Meat Grinder Blender, on the other hand, had its prices discounted from RM60.90.

Since their prices are at par, Electric Meat Grinder Blender has my vote on this for one reason only; its price is not fixed and from time to time ranges from RM 8.90 – RM 49.90.

·  Containers

Both containers are made from the same material; stainless steel. Meaning, they are both not susceptible to rusting and will not break if they fall off your countertop. Considering that the structural designs are both the same, we are left to comparing their capacities.

High-quality 304 stainless steel containers
High-quality 304 stainless steel containers

Figaro has a capacity of 2 liters. However, Electric Meat Grinder Blender is a more ideal option for slightly larger gatherings as it has a capacity of 3 liters.

Once again, Electric Meat Grinder Blender takes the crown as it can comfortably hold larger volumes of ingredients as compared to its competitor.

·  Overall power

Horsepower is an integral factor to consider when purchasing a blender. The importance of going for a food blender with an overall high power cannot be over-emphasized.

Electric Meat Grinder Blender has a slightly higher overall power of 300w, while Figaro follows closely with 200w.

For this battle, Electric Meat Grinder Blender is a preferred brand if you are looking for a blender machine that gives you efficient food grinding capabilities in the shortest time.

·  Settings and Usability

A blender’s usability is among the things a consumer is always looking out for. I mean, what is the point of buying a complex appliance that you need to browse several pages on the internet just to grasp its operating mechanism?

The Figaro household electric blender has an auto-setting that commences the blending process with a simple touch of a button. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the jar and press either the slow or fast blending button.

As compared to the Electric Meat Grinder Blender blender, the Figaro blender shines in terms of ease of use.

Auto-operate feature in the Figaro Household electric blender
Auto-operate feature in the Figaro Household electric blender

Auto-operate feature in the Figaro Household electric blender

·  Blade components

During the stirring action of blenders, blades chop the ingredients into very tiny pieces, grinding them until they turn into a paste. The more blades the blender machine has, the more high-performance it becomes.

Blade components
Blade components

Figaro blender blades that facilitate the shredding process

In our case, Electric Meat Grinder Blender has 5 knife blades while Figaro contains three. The two blades difference adds to the convenience of easily blending your foods into purees, making Electric Meat Grinder Blender the ideal choice when it comes to its blade components.

·  Ease of cleaning

Cleaning your blender can be easy or challenging, and in most cases highly depends on the blender you pick. The process involves cleaning the carafe, base, and blades.

When it comes to the Figaro and Electric Meat Grinder Blender blender models, the cleaning process is the same.

So, which one of the two is easier to clean?

Since both blenders share a stainless steel carafe, they are both easy to clean; the same as their base. It now comes down to the blades. Both blenders have removable blades, which make the cleaning process even easier.

However, Figaro comes with three blades while KL STOCK has 5 blades. No matter the efficiency Electric Meat Grinder Blender’s 5 blades may exhibit, cleaning the blades becomes more challenging.

As such, we have to settle for Figaro as the best blender choice if you are going for one that is easier to clean

·  Accessories

Accessories improve a blender’s functionality as well as its aesthetics. These two products come with a blending bowl, detachable blades, lid, and motor. As such, when putting Figaro and Electric Meat Grinder Blender head-to-head for their accessories, it is wise to call in a tie.

Easily detachable blender accessories

·  Additional protection

The blender lid safety protection is one of the outstanding features of Electric Meat Grinder Blender and Figaro food blenders. Once the foods are placed into the blender, the lid helps secure the blades in place to ensure it works efficiently without spilling the contents and does not fall off.

Also, the motor uses a special mechanism to lock the lid and blades in place, to ensure power is effectively transmitted. Besides, they both have handles which you use to firm hold on to the blender as it crushes and grinds all those ingredients into tiny pieces.

As was previously the case, we also need to call this a tie.

Stand out Features

From the above comparison, it is not yet clear as to who takes home the win. For this reason, I will highlight each of the blender’s outstanding features to see which is named superior.

Let us delve into specifics.


·  Ease of use: Figaro is as simple as they come. It has two buttons and a user-friendly design making it easy to operate even for a first-timer.

·  Easy to clean: With a quick disassembling process, you can easily clean this food blender with a dash of soap and water. Also, since it is made from stainless steel, the contents do not stick on the surface, allowing a faster cleaning process.

Electric Meat Grinder Blender

·  Multi-functional blender: You can call Electric Meat Grinder Blender a blender, mincer, or grinder because it does a pretty amazing job at blending a variety of tough ingredients.

·  Multiple sharp blades: thanks to its 5 high-quality stainless steel blades, Electric Meat Grinder Blender impressively minces meat, blends fruits, and evenly chops vegetables. The sharp blades have strong pulverizing power, to give you hearty smoothies and deliciously-tasting soups.

·  High power rotating motor: With a power of 300W, Electric Meat Grinder Blender’s high power motor allows the appliance to rotate at fascinating speeds, blending foods with pro-quality precision, and making them perfectly smooth and creamy.


And the crown goes to….

Sorry to bust your bubble but it all depends on your preference!

The features explained above for the KL STOK multi-functional food blender and the Figaro household food blender give you a thorough understanding of their operating mechanisms.

To influence your purchasing decision, I will further breakdown these two products, highlighting situations where each product is better.

Let us dive into details.

·  Figaro is the best blender to use if:

  •   You hate spending a lot of time cleaning your blender, and especially its blades
  •   You hate noisy blenders and want to experience quieter blending sessions
  •   You are looking for a blender that will last longer
  •   You are not in the market for complex blenders and only want one with auto operate buttons that are easy to use and fuss-free.

As much as the Figaro food blender is simple, it is a powerful blender that has earned perfect scores in its ability to puree foods. It also does not stain easily and is a great choice for home use.

Get yours today!

·  KL STOK is the best blender to purchase if:

  •   You want to experience peace of mind in the purchasing process and the first couple of months of use, as this food blender comes with a 3-month supplier warranty
  •   You have a lower budget and are in the market for a blender that offers price flexibilities
  •   You want to achieve a rich creamy consistency in your juices, smoothies, and purees. It is also the case when you are looking for a blender with impeccable meat mincing capabilities
  •   You are looking for a blender that is not susceptible to rust, and one does not wear out easily
  •   You want to blend large quantities of food

As its name suggests, KL STOK is a multi-functional blender that works on a variety of foods. It is a high-performance blender without a hefty price tag, making it an appropriate choice for larger families.

Buy one now!


1. What is the difference between a food blender and a food processor?

The difference between a food blender and processor lies mainly in their functionality. A food blender will mostly work on contents that contain solids and liquids, while processors focus on solids.

So, blenders are effective at making smoothies, purees, and dressing. However, many powerful blenders will also chop vegetables as well as food processors.

2. How to puree food using a blender

Making puree is often easy. First, you need to pre-cook all your solid ingredients ahead of time. Place all ingredients in the blender and run the blender for a short time. Add the liquid ingredients and blend again to form the puree. It is now ready.

You can add fat or any condiments of your choice at any time in the blending process.

3. How to clean a food blender

Cleaning a blender needs not to be a tedious process. Add some soap and water into the blender and blend on low for about 60 seconds. Rinse the carafe. For effective stain removal, you can add lemon to the mixture.

Unplug the blender, wipe down the buttons and the rotating motor. Place in an airy place to dry before storage.

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